Not a Job Hunt, a Quest for a Talent Match

Those who find themselves on a quest for their next talent-matched position can enter themselves into TMP’s™ global talent pool with no cost.

Job seekers from all industries and backgrounds are welcome to enter the pool.

Hiring managers and corporate recruiters upgrade for the chance to search TMP to find matches to jobs they are hiring for. As a part of the global pool, once you’ve completed an assessment and submitted your resume, you can be matched by recruiters and hiring managers and considered for these positions. Just for entering, you’ll receive a FREE digital copy of Talent Unknown: 7 Ways to Discover Your Hidden Talent + Skills.

It’s a low-maintenance way of putting your talents and your resume in front of people seeking to hire individuals of your behavior, motivators and experience — all to match you with the work that rewards and caters to your unique career path.