Dale Wernette
TMP user since 2011

The reduction of new hires speaks to TMP’s power.

Finding the Ideal Job Match

Dale Wernette, founder of Phoenix-area SHERPA and Associates, introduced Talent Management Plus™ (TMP) to Imperial Supplies LLC as a means to job benchmark new roles as the company continued to grow following an acquisition.

In particular, TMP allowed Imperial Supplies management to identify and eventually hire ambitious individuals who possessed high theoretical and utilitarian motivators for the company’s 30 open regional sales manager roles.

Today, with the benchmarks and analytics in place, Imperial Supplies reduced turnover compared to years past. After hiring the three-dozen managers in 2010, today the company only hires a handful of sales managers every year.

“In talking with the management, the past two years have been the best they’ve ever had,” Wernette said.

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Terri Kabachnick
TMP user since 2008

This is a terrific tool for businesses…with a high volume of candidates.

Applicant Overload Ends

Tampa Bay-area Gallery Furniture uses TMP to sort through the over 70 applications they receive each week to find top candidates. The furniture retailer loves TMP’s job-benchmarking feature, which creates job match.

“When 20 people per day are applying for the same position, it’s impossible to determine which candidate is the right fit,” said Terri Kabachnick, owner of The Kabachnick Group, who supports and delivers TMP to Gallery. “Gallery Furniture enjoys the ability to plug their benchmark into TMP and have it pull the top matches for them.

“This is a terrific tool for businesses, like Gallery Furniture, which have such a high volume of candidates.”

TMP also saves Gallery Furniture hiring managers’ time in screening candidates for open positions, reducing emotion-based interviewing. By using an objective assessment, the interviewer can validate the applicant’s responses.

“Plus, it’s so easy to navigate,” Kabachnick said.

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Mark Debinski
TMP user since 2011

TMP helped provide candidates who proved to be better matches for the job.

Leading the Way to the Best Hire

Mark Debinski, president of Baltimore-based Bluewater Advisory, has been using the revamped TMP system to recruit top talent for a number of clients for the past four years. The top benefits to him and his company are the job benchmarking capabilities, objective analytics and TMP’s ability to handle multiple candidates at once.

Some of Bluewater Advisory’s recent recruiting efforts have included searches for a:

  • Director of research and development for a billion dollar snack food company looking to invent “the next great Dorito”
  • Senior vice president for a fast-growing and dynamic bank
  • Executive director for a nonprofit with a $15 million annual budget

TMP allows Bluewater Advisory to not only source and analyze a large number of candidates, but also the ability to come back and ask better questions of clients to determine overall job fit, Debinski says. He noted each of the three clients outlined above wound up hiring someone different than originally envisioned.

“In all three cases, where the companies thought they had found their match for the job, they wound up hiring someone who we brought to the table because they were ultimately a better fit,” he said. “TMP helped prove that.”

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