Good people are easy to find
when you stop hiring and start job matching.
As part of our mission to eliminate bad hires, we present Talent Management Plus – TMP, the only assessment-based screening system powered by job matching. Users of TMP enjoy a smarter, more efficient way to hire people matched and inherently motivated and engaged in their work. As a state-of-art system, we remove the guesswork from finding talent, eliminate wasted time usually associated with hiring, and increase employee retention.

Statistics above from HBR and SHRM, respectively.

Benefits of Multiple Assessments stats are from TTI Success Insights, 2014.

Most companies have a hiring process so complicated that it’s impossible to find a great fit. This broken process leads to hiring decisions based on biases and gut feelings rather than hiring the whole person.

On a mission to eliminate bad hires

When you job match instead of hire, your workforce is invested, engaged and more productive and you spent less time hiring, onboarding and replacing bad hires.

Science of Self™ talent analytics

No other applicant screening system has more than 30 years of research-backed behavioral, motivation and skills assessments embedded inside of it.

Hire with ease and precision

Employers and recruiters will have a bias-free screening process to pinpoint excellent fits in one easy-to-navigate system, refined and perfected over the last 10 years.